My Approach to Public Service

I was recently asked, during a conversation about my candidacy for Lucas County Recorder why I want to become involved in politics.  I had to stop for a moment and then explain that, while I serve on Waterville City Council and was a member of the Anthony Wayne Schools Board of Education, I never considered myself to be involved in “politics.” 

Rather, the elected offices allow me to be of service to my community. 

Likewise, as your Recorder, I will be able to work for my greater community.  I am a public servant, your public servant, first and foremost, and then, somewhat reluctantly, a politician.  As Recorder, I will work for you and serve your best interests with competence, dedication, honesty, and integrity.

Photo from The Mirror Newspapers. Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation board members Jeff Meyer, vice chair; Chris Chisholm, treasurer; Mandi Brannan, administrator; Bob Brannan, secretary; Drew Miller, chair; and John Rozic, legal counsel.

Paid for by The Committee to Elect John Rozic.
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