Dear Voter,

Welcome to our campaign. I am honored and proud to be the Republican candidate running for Lucas County Recorder.

I have always been an enthusiastic participant in community service. From my first game as a volunteer soccer coach, to campaigns for school issues, to the Anthony Wayne Board of Education, and now as a member of Waterville City Council, I have enjoyed every minute of public service. While City Council and the Board of Education are elected offices, for me the positions primarily represent service to the community. When the opportunity to run for Recorder of Lucas County came up, well, I believe that I am the most qualified candidate and am more than ready to serve.

We all know that historically, most elected offices in Lucas County have been and are still held by Democrats. When I researched the recent history of our local elected officials, I was disappointed but not surprised to see the list of county offices – Commissioner, Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer, and the rest, 11 in all – does not include any Republicans serving today. Now, I have nothing against Democrats, individually. Many of my friends and colleagues, and even family members, are Democrats.

But locally having one party in control for so many years has not benefitted citizens or the community.

Our part of the State of Ohio is fundamentally similar – economically, socio-economically and politically – to what it was when I moved here in 1973 to attend law school. We are far beyond the time to change the balance in local government. I will bring part of that balance as Recorder.

Now, here’s why I hope you can fully support my candidacy. I have been a member of Waterville City Council since 2014, and served as vice-mayor. I was a member of the Board of Education of the Anthony Wayne Local School District from 2000 through 2008. I am a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and of the University of Toledo College of Law. During law school, I was a trust officer at the former Toledo Trust Company. After graduation, I was associated with Arthur Young and Company before entering the private practice of law.

Since 1981, I have been an attorney with Shindler Neff LLP in Toledo and now in Holland, concentrating in the areas of estate planning, probate and trust administration, real estate, business, and tax. All great experience. I am very familiar with the documentation and transactions which are the responsibility of the county recorder to preserve.

My wife, Debbie, and I have lived in Toledo, Maumee, and now Waterville, where we have resided for over 40 years. We raised our three children in Waterville, all of whom attended and graduated from Anthony Wayne Local Schools. We are committed to our greater community and happy and proud to call Lucas County our home.

You can be a great help to my campaign by simply asking your family and friends, and everyone you meet, over and over again, to vote for me in November. And ask all of them to tell everyone they know.

There is just one more request which you probably expected when you started
reading this. In addition to your vote and spreading the word, I most humbly ask for your financial support. In return I will give you my commitment to campaign vigorously and, when elected, to serve with sincere dedication.

Whatever amount you choose to contribute, I will receive with honor and gratitude. Thank you for your consideration and support. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please call or write at anytime.

With my sincere best regards,

John W. Rozic

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